Considering Permanent Brows? Here’s What To Expect

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Eyebrows

Up close before and after photo of a woman who got her eyebrows tattooed

The application of permanent makeup is more than a standardized A to Z process. Due to the highly individual nature of each client and skin type, in many ways, permanent cosmetics is really a form of art. The best technicians exhibit a high level of artistic flair in their work, hence why PMU professionals are often referred to as ‘artists’.

That said, this is ultimately a clinical process, therefore we use state-of-the-art equipment and invest heavily in ongoing education, to ensure we are able to create the permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lips that our clients desire.

From structured and angled ombre eyebrows to contoured soft hair stroke brows, we offer multiple options to suit every preference. We create beautiful eyebrows according to your personal preference and to suit your face shape.

The most important stage of the treatment process is mapping. This ensures your eyebrows are perfectly enhanced, to the right shape and position to best compliment your natural features. Our artist will help you understand the right length of tail, height of arch, and the overall shape of your eyebrows before finalizing and carrying out your treatment.

We use a specialist machine to superficially and skillfully craft your new brows. The pigment used for your permanent makeup treatment is chosen by our artist based on your requirements, and if required, we will create or modify a shade just for you to match the natural color of your eyebrows and your skin type.

For your eyebrows to look flawless, our expert technicians highly recommend you return to us for a quick top-up after 6-8 weeks of your treatment. Topping-up your brows ensure their longevity. We also offer post-treatment aftercare products and advice to promote faster healing and a flawless end result.