Permanent Cosmetic Corrections

With our quality tools and techniques, we can give you a beautiful refresh or complete makeover to enhance your natural beauty.

“Courtney is a true artist and takes her craft seriously. I cannot recommend a more trustworthy and experienced permanent makeup artist.”
– Stevi W.

$200 6-8 Week touchup
*removals not included

Our Correction Services

$200 per session


Saline Tattoo Removal can be done on old brow tattoos using a saline solution to lift pigment out through the skin. This is necessary if brows are too saturated for correction.


Eyebrow Correction

Courtney adjusts the shape and color of the old eyebrow tattoos using a multitude of colors to blend old ink into new ink seamlessly. It’s very difficult but her results speak for themselves!


Eyeliner Correction

Eyeliner is the hardest service to perform and the hardest to fix. Sometimes, laser removal is needed first, but usually, Courtney is able to turn an old eyeliner tattoo or botched eyeliner into something absolutely beautiful!


Lip Correction

Lip color theory is a lot more complicated than it seems, which is why lip corrections are hard to do! But Courtney has the knowledge and skill set to alter unflattering colors and uneven shapes on just about any set of lips.

Up close shot of lips getting permanent cosmetic procedure

Uncovering Beauty: Discovering How Permanent Cosmetic Correction Works

Courtney at Arden Gate Studio has become a leading expert in permanent makeup correction work in the USA. Not all work can be covered/corrected without removal first, but she can help formulate a plan to improve the existing work. If tattoo removal is needed, she may be able to do saline tattoo removal herself but also has multiple colleagues in the area she refers clients to for laser tattoo removal. Some work that needs correcting is several years (or even decades!) old and some is more recent. Whatever the issue, there are options for improvement!

As a general rule, a cosmetic tattoo needs to be faded by about 50% in order to be corrected. If an existing cosmetic tattoo falls within this range and the shape is not terribly uneven, she can fix it! To do a correction, an artist cannot just put the same color over everything. It takes several colors to neutralize old ink and cover it effectively while maintaining the same level of saturation. Her extensive knowledge of color theory and the science of ink and her prowess in blending several colors to adjust an old shape into a new one has resulted in fantastic healed results for hundreds of tattoo eyebrow correction, eyeliner correction and lip correction clients.

Most cosmetic tattoo work is fixable!

Our Correction Work

Get The Look You’ve Always Wanted

Make a lasting impression with Arden Gate Studio’s permanent cosmetic correction services. With Courtney’s expertise and attention to detail, you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect look every time. Let us help you make a statement that lasts!