Current Promos

$100 off for last-minute openings on any NEW cosmetic tattoo service (brows, eyeliner or lips). Must already be on the books and available to snag an earlier spot with 24-48 hours notice.

Email to inquire about any last-minute openings and Courtney will reply ASAP!


Bundle discounts for multiple NEW services booked for the same day! Cannot be combined with other discounts.

If you are booking a refresher alongside a new service or two new services, that would also apply! Discounts are only on new services booked. $50 off second service, $100 off third service, for a possible $150 off. Each service must be booked separately, with separate booking deposits, and back to back on a day with availability. Total balance adjusted at service time.

Email with booking questions and Courtney will reply ASAP!


Financing is available through Cherry Payment Plans. You must be approved for Cherry prior to booking and then Courtney will reach out to you with booking instructions!


A close up shot of Courtney's permanent cosmetic eyebrow services