How To Choose The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Eyebrows

Up close photo of a woman with her new eyebrow shape outlined on her face

Good eyebrows can instantly lift your face. They change the look of your features and can help to make facial features stand out. But which shape of brows is best for you? Eyebrows have an interesting history of over plucking but now times have changed and a lot of people do not seem to know where the brows start, arch and end.

Brow artists use something called brow mapping, this is to ensure all angles are even and in proportion to the rest of the face. When mapping the eyebrows you are checking evenness, proportion, hair density and the growth pattern. You can see areas that need to be regrown in future brow shaping.

How To Map Brows

  1. The start – Your eyebrows start straight up from your nasal bridge. This can be measure using any straight item or string pulled tight. You can marker this by using an eyebrow pencil to make dots and same with the rest of the brow.
  2. The arch – The highest point of your arch should line up from the side of your nose through your pupil.
  3. The end – From the outer edge of your nose and alongside the eye, just above there is where the brow should end. When you get to this point if you connect all the dots, you have your eyebrow map.

Each brow map is customised to every individual and it is best to stay as close to your natural brow shape as possible. The benefits of Brow Mapping are

    • Helps achieve brow symmetry
    • Improves ability to sculpt your ideal brow shape
    • Helps get the artist and client on the same page

How To Choose Your Brow Shape

Round shaped face – The length and width of the face are roughly the same, the eyebrows should have high arches to add structure and length to a round face. This helps to make the face appear narrower.

Long shaped face – The length of the face is double the width. Your eyebrows should have a low-lying arch, they should be straight and elongated to break up the long face shape and add width.

Square shaped face – This is where the length and width of the face are the same, but the jawline is more angular. For this shape you should lift the eyebrows with soft arches and gives the brows an undefined finish. You should avoid sharp and angled eyebrows.

Rectangular shaped face – This is similar to a long face and is double the width in length but unlike a long face a rectangle face has a more defined jawline. Eyebrows on a rectangle face should be fuller, non-structured brow shapes to help reduce the forehead size. Soft, slightly curved arches will soften the jawline.

Triangular shaped face – The jawline will be wider than the forehead. Eyebrows should have low and curved arches and do not taper the tail of the brows angling downwards.

Heart shaped face – This is where the forehead is wider than the jaw as the chin is pointed. Thicker brows balance out the features of a heat shaped face. The eyebrows should have a soft round arches and the brows should be straight.

Diamond shaped face – A diamond shaped face is where the forehead is small and the chin is pointed while the cheek bones are wide. Rounded brows soften the facial structure. Your eyebrows should not have an over defined finish as this well look too harsh for a diamond face.

Oval shaped face – Oval faces are fairly symmetrical, the brows for a face this shape should have a slight arch and they will start and end at the same level. Natural and soft angled brows are best here. There are so many talented professionals from all over the world like Arden Gate Studio Vancouver and Looks By Liyah UK both offering a new set of brows to frame your face perfectly.