What Is A Lip Tattoo?

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Lips

Up close photo of lips that have been tattooed to look fuller by Courtney

Have you heard about lip tattoos and wondered what that means?

It might be different than you think. When we say ‘lip tattoo,’ we do not mean something tattooed on your inner lip. Instead, we mean a type of permanent makeup that can enhance the appearance of your lips.

But what exactly is a lip tattoo? Depending on what you choose, a lip tattoo can include lipstick, lip liner, or lip blush. A well-designed look will enhance your shape and lip color to make your lips look plump, full, and inviting.

Here’s everything you need to know about lip tattoos in case you decide this cosmetic procedure is for you.

How Do Lip Tattoos Work?

This beauty procedure does not typically happen at a body art tattoo studio; most conventional tattoo artists do not specialize in lip tattoos because it requires a special technique.

The machine implants the papillary layer of the skin with pigment, making them look naturally brighter. This is a mostly natural pigment, so an allergic reaction would be extremely unlikely.

Why Are There So Many Names For Cosmetic Lip Tattooing?

There are many different names for cosmetic lip tattoos because many trainers worldwide have come up with their own name (some have trademarked those names!) for their technique. However, it comes down to tattoos done with a small needle technique or a large needle technique. Some examples of lip blush technique with a small needle are velvet lip blush, aquarelle lips, diamond lips and brilliant lips.

Techniques with larger needles include 7 carat lips and watercolor lips.

At Arden Gate Studio, Courtney has trained in both small and large needle techniques. The determining factors for which service is best for a client is lip size and health! While large needle technique will get the ink in the skin faster, it’s really only good for healthy, full lips, ideally those with filler. This is because the healthier and firmer the lips are, the better a large needle can implant. For thinner lips, smaller needles are better for precision and getting ink in the creases. Also, smaller needles have less resistance to implant, making them the choice for lips lacking collagen and those with sun damage or smoker’s lines. More clients will need the smaller needle technique but the healed results will be the same no matter what technique is used! A client will end up with a lovely pop of color that defines lip edges and evens out pigmentation, making lips look more youthful!

Why Should I Get A Lip Tattoo

The history of tattoos is a long one. While the process of lip tattooing has changed over the centuries, it is currently a fashion trend. It helps bring color and fullness to your lips, both of which can fade due to aging and genetics.

Some people opt for this option because they were born with thin or pale lips. Others have sensitivity to lip glosses or lipsticks with their various ingredients.

Overall, it brings a fresh, vibrant look to your face and can help improve self-confidence.

Are There Any After-Effects?

Just like with tattoos or piercings, there is a chance of swelling after the process is complete. If it is severe, you should reach out to your makeup artist for help.

Another potential side effect is bruising, which heals as the pigment settles. Like most tattoos, you will likely see flaking and grittiness, as well as lymph fluid secretion. These are all normal aspects of the healing process, especially in an area like your lips.

And like with any body modification process, the process bears a risk of allergic reactions or infection. This is why choosing your permanent makeup artist with care is essential. You want an experienced artist who works in a carefully sterilized environment.

Are Lip Tattoos Permanent?

Keep in mind that even a “permanent” makeup look will require retouching. This process does not penetrate as deeply as traditional tattoos, so it will fade over the years.

Overall, a quick retouch will help to address any issues post-healing and help amplify the color. Just like with permanent eyeliner, a very little adjustment may be necessary once healing is complete.

Tattooed lips will not be protected from natural environmental factors, like sun damage. Always prioritize maintaining your lip health just like you would if they were not tattooed.

The Bottom Line

Lip tattoos have come a long way in the last few years. They are becoming very popular because they make lips fuller, more defined and give many people more self-confidence.

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